Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something's Brewing

So let's be honest; 35 students can't change a world class city like Los Angeles in a week. But what they can change is perhaps more important--their own mind.  All week I've watched Regent students serve in selfless and powerful ways. They've given out food and clothing to those in need, they've played with kids with no dads, prayed and cried with lonely middle schoolers scared from a drive by shooting. They have done all these things and more...

But some of the most amazing moments were in the quiet moments over coffee on the trip. Students thinking. It's what they're supposed to do, but how often does it really happen? "What will this change in my life? How will I act differently towards those in need back at school? How are the different ethnic groups on our campus getting along? How could we make our community a more loving, compassionate one?

These are the small questions that percolate into large changes. Something's brewing among these students, and I'm proud to say that I know them. It's great to change your Spring Break plans; even greater to change your mind about how to treat others on a daily basis.

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