Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Summer Chapel!

I met Roger over 10 years ago playing golf with a mutual friend. He struck me as a nice guy (my first impression was correct!) and a pretty good golfer! What I have discovered since then, however, is that he is an amazing friend, pastor, encourager, and an even better basketball player than golfer! I am so excited that my brother and friend will be sharing in University Chapel tomorrow, Aug. 19 at noon in the Library Auditorium.

Rev. Cheeks (or Bishop T.D. Cheeks, as I like to call him) will be sharing on the theme "Transformers--more than meets the Eye." Not only can my son sing a song with those same words, I am vitally interested in the topic of transformation. Real change is really rare. But from what I've seen in my friend Roger's life, he is a life-tested authority in this issue. He's lived, loved and changed with the Lord's help, and I am looking forward to hearing from him on this subject.

How about you--are you being transformed?

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