Monday, July 13, 2009

Reformed Resurgence

My friend Sean shot me this through Facebook, and I really liked it. Check it out and see if it connects to your experience.

One of my problems is that I have a hard time putting myself into a category. Most categories seem a bit of a procrustean bed, lopping off the extremes of most of my positions. Maybe one day I'll grow up and fit in one camp or another, but for now I have to sample a bit here, and a bit there. Kind of like Golden Corral for theology, but less grease.


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Jay Wermuth said...

Dr. Kidd, interesting link. I actually find my experience to be nearly the exact opposite. Here at Regent I know very few "Reformed" thinkers and many of my contemporaries are reading stuff by the McClaren, Bell, McManus types over stuff by Piper, Grudem, MacArthur etc. I think that there are definitely two major waves in the church that are building among 20 somethings, the post-modern "emerging" wave and the neo-Calivinist wave. Each of these has a growing cult following and you will find pockets of both all over. I tend to find myself closer to the post-modern wave, but not so close to get crushed when the wave inevitably crashes as all waves do. This would be a fun launching board for a theological conversation though!