Thursday, April 2, 2009

Faith and Politics

Left wing vs. right wing, Republican vs. Democrat, partisan politics embroils us all at least once every four years, and often many times in between. I have been asked to moderate a debate between the Regent College Democrats and Regent College Republican entitled the

Faith and Politics Symposium
April 14, 1-3 PM
Regent University

So I thought, what better place to solicit questions than from my good friends online? Whether you consider yourself a Democrat or think all Democrats are donkeys; whether you are a libertarian or are so ardently Republican that you wear a Karl Rove bathrobe whenever you lounge around the house, I'm interested in your feedback.

Please post on my blog, "Tweet" me (drrichkidd) or stop by my Facebook site with your questions.

  • What would you like Democrats and Republicans to respond to in the area of Faith and Politics?

  • Where would you like to call our political parties to accountability on issues of faith, morals or values?

  • What priorities of the Scripture would you want party faithful to reckon with as they consider their political platform?

I can't promise I'm fair and unbiased...that's for the professional spin doctors to pretend. This doctor realizes that we all have our perspectives and pre-understandings that color even the questions that we ask. That's why I need YOUR help. What I can promise is that I will read every question and include every one I think would sharpen the debate on both sides.

Thanks in advance for your questions and your help. Blog on.

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Mark and Elayne said...

Hey Rich Ridd.
Looks good :)