Monday, December 15, 2008

The Day I met Dr. Kevin Leman

Hey--who said it isn't fun to name drop? Dr. Kevin Leman came to visit the CBN campus, and I snagged him to come talk to some students about...dare I say it...SEX. Now some folks may think that's not appropriate on a Christian campus. One might imagine that Christian students are so moral, so together that they rarely if ever have trouble with such subjects. There might be people who believe that, AND think that Illinois politics is still dominated by folks with nicknames like "Honest Abe." Not too many, I think.

No, the truth is that Christians, who of all people should have a settled idea of what sex should be used for, the purposes for which it was intended, are just as confused as everyone else on the subject. Dr. Kevin Leman made a strong biblical and practical case that marriage between a man and a woman should be the only context for sexual intercourse.

Now (or as President-elect Obama would say, "Look") I could get into the whole argument of pre-marital sex, same-sex sex, post-marital sex (is there any?) but I think this is not the venue. Suffice it to say that Kevin Leman spoke squarely and frankly to the issue. He did not dodge any questions or pull any punches. Rather, he set the tone for an honest, biblically-informed discussion of a topic that has bedeviled Christian leaders for centuries. And he did it with humor.
Me Laughing at some "Leman Raw" Comments

So the question is: Where can you talk honestly and freely about sexuality and the many challenges it brings? Do you have friends where that is fair game? Classes? Professors? Small accountability groups? It seems that if you don't, we should provide some safe places to ask and have our questions answered. I would be interested in providing that kind of safe environment, but would be interested in what you think.

1. Is our campus an open place to discuss struggles/issues with sexuality?

2. Are we judgmental about struggles in this area?

3. Do we have sufficient resources available for folks who want to grow in their sexual sobriety?

Let me know!


J.R. Peaks said...

Dr. Kidd,

I love your tongue in cheek approach to life. Good form, I say. I must concur with you concerning with Dr. Leman's open dialogue. It was quite an undertaking and he didst well. I also express that Dr. Leman was quite the man by diffusing the awkwardness of the subject with his smirking humor. I enjoyed this tremendously and think that this topic is highly relevant to collegiate campuses (esp. of the Christian persuasion).

I have found that most of my friends are comfortable with talking about it on a superficial to a sub-superficial level. I personal am very open about this conversation for I believe that communication is a way to advocate understanding. We discussed some issues in one of my courses, which was intriguing; however, most have strong lines of what they will and will not discuss. The small group I have been in the past and present (on campus) seems very game to discuss these topics. Typically, they are avoided.

I have found thus far Regent to be a place you could speak about your struggles. I am not a person who deserves to be judgmental in such topics if you get my drift. Well I would expect that more conversation/resources would always be helpful. I wonder if the Counseling school might have some helpful resources in this area.

Keep up the blogs good sir.

Video Promotions said...

It's ok to name drop now and then. I met Dr. Leman when helping him film his video series called "Value Packed Parenting."

since then, I have supported his efforts to make parenting easier by devoting a blog for his video series.

Watch a short clip from Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

I think his latest book release How to Have a New Kid by Friday is good too.

kiddrev said...

I don't mind name dropping with Leman, because I have been reading his books for years and trying to put into practice some of the principles he teaches with our 3 kids. We used the video series you mention Making Children Mind without Losing Yours as an outreach at our church in GA. It was great!

Thanks for the feedback, and feel free to namedrop freely!