Wednesday, November 5, 2008

22 Reasons to Rejoice for 44

22 Reasons to Rejoice for 44

1. No one was killed as a result of exercising their constitutional right to vote in the United States of America.

2. An African-American was elected President for the first time in US History.

3. Women in America had the freedom to vote or not vote for a woman on a major party ticket.

4. Women in America had the freedom to vote or not vote for a woman as president.

5. John McCain, Obama's opponent, overcame imprisonment and torture as a prisoner of war to run for the highest office in the land.

6. Unprecedented voter registrations repudiate charges of apathy among the electorate in America.

7. Experts claim this election boasted the highest voter turnout rate in years, perhaps a century.

8. A Single mom raised a boy who became president, giving hope and inspiration to many.

9. Barack Obama was able to see his grandmother one last time before she passed away, thanking her for the enormous role she played in his life. What grandmother hasn't thought that her grandson or granddaughter might not grow up to be president?

10. Unprecedented numbers of young people got involved in the election process.

11. Hispanic Americans are playing an increasingly crucial role in national elections.

12. "Conventional wisdom" that is, know-it-all pundits telling us normal people what will happen, got set on it's ear in a number of ways...from Hillary Clinton's defeat to Sarah Palin's VP selection.

13. We have not suffered a terrorist attack in the 7 years following 9/11/01.

14. An enormous number of people feel buoyed with hope after the election, and believe good things about the future of our country. It sure beats cynicism!

15. John McCain gave an excellent example of how to lose gracefully.

16. We'll have little kids in the White House again.

17. Obama's victory means we don't have to watch silly
political ads for another four years.

18. Military servicemen who place their lives in harm's way will have their ballots counted, even if it takes time.

19. We can move from talking about the bad economy to
doing something about it.

20. Thousands got free Starbucks coffee, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Chic-fil-A, Ben and Jerry's and others just for voting. I love this country.

21. Tina Fey will have to find a new skit for the next 4 years.

22. God is still on His throne, and shapes the lives of nations and individuals as He choses. No human can limit His power and no government exists without His permission. We can pray and support this government and this President because God can bless it, and bring peace to our lives.

God Bless America, and God Bless our new President Elect, Barack Obama.


Mandy said...

Hey Richard, I'll add you to my blog roll. Great blog, by the way! I like your insight.

Kathy in WA said...

Good reminders! Definitely praying for our country.

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Alan Veeck said...

Richard - on #15, all I can think about is Reimer saying, "A good loser is a WHAT?? A LOSER!!!"

kiddrev said...

For those friends of mine who did not vote for Obama, and are upset about the results of this election, I wanted to post a few items of "good news" that may help take the sting out of their political fortunes. As my good friend, Alan Veeck, points out--a good loser is...a loser. So the Republican party has to go back to its fundamentals and redefine itself in much the same way that Barry Goldwater's defeat in 1964 gave rebirth to the modern conservative movement. Perhaps there is a Ronald Reagan in the wings?