Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogs Away

Have you ever heard so much about something but just never got around to doing it yourself? Like trying that new cereal you've heard about, or buying one of those pulsing toothbrushes that line the shelves at Kroger? (I recommend those by the way) Well, blogging is like that for me. I've heard about it, thought about it, figured I'd do it sometime, and now--here we are.

The occasion for finally getting around to it (like cleaning the garage, or some other chore that you know needs doing) was in this case my accepting a new position. I am the new Director of Campus Ministries at Regent University.

Hooray! It sure beats unemployment. My journey has been quite an interesting one, which I suppose some blog time I will get into.

As for right now, I am interested in connecting with students at Regent University. (sorry to all my non-student friends) Shoot me an email rkidd@regent.edu. HEre are the questions I am interested in!

1. What is your opinion of the spiritual climate on campus?

2. What one or two things do you think would make the biggest impact spiritually on campus?

Give it a shot, and we'll do this blog thing together.


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